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Do you know that eBikes with Bosch, Yamaha, Impulse or Panasonic engines can reach speeds more than 30mph (50 km/h)?

Unfortunately, due to current legislation the power cuts off at 15 mph (25 km/h). It´s no wonder that many people are fed up with this annoying speed limit. This problem can be solved with the Sx2 Dongle – an excellent tuning tool that takes away the 15 mph speed cut off restriction and allows you to reach much higher speeds. Of course, the Sx2 Tuning Dongles are for off road use only.
The Bosch E Bike motor gets the bike up to the 15 mph speed very fast. Then comes the dull moment when the engine support stops and your eBike turns into a normal pedal bike. This is exactly the moment when the Sx2 speed tuning Dongle takes over. Now the cut off is being taken away and you can keep on pedaling as fast as you want with the engine power still assisting. This will give you a totally new and highly exciting driving experience. Now you can cycle with, for example, around 20mph with full engine support – which is a pace many people prefer. It´s understandable that most users of the Sx2 Bosch tuning Dongle are absolutely delighted!
Please note: If the Sx2 Dongle is plugged in the speed readout on the Bosch Intuvia display will be halved once you reach a pace of 15mph. This means – when you drive your E Bike and the speed meter reads 18mph you are actually riding at a speed of 36mph. You see, the basic principle of this awesome tuning tool is very simple. Tipp: If you want to see exact mph you can easily fit an after market computer/use gps phone.
The Bosch Sx2 Speed Tuning software is build into a head phone jack which is very easy to fit – it wires into the speed sensor using 2 wires (“plug and play” / the wire clips are included). If you want to use this amazing tuning device you simply have to plug it in (it´s virtually invisible on the bike). Of course, the Sx2 Dongle can be easily un-plugged whenever you want to bicycle on public roads again (after the Dongle is unplugged the E Bike is reverted back to normal).
Special tip: Due to using the extra power caused by the Sx2 Tuning Dongle your E Bikes range can be affected. So if you use the tuning device you shouldn´t use the “Turbo”- or “Sport”-, but the “Eco”-mode because this balances the range out (compared to the “Turbo”- and “Sport”-modes).

What about the (faster) Bosch 350w E Bikes?

The Sx2 Dongle works with Bosch 250w as well as Bosch 350w E Bike systems (2011, 2012, 2013 / now there is even a special Sx2 Dongle for the new 2014 Gen2 Bosch engines). The Bosch 350w motor has exactly the same assistance levels and torque as the (more common) 250w engine. Of course, the 350w motor is capable of higher speeds. But you have to keep in mind that it will always be illegal to use the 350w motor on public roads because it is above the motor wattage limit. If you cause an accident with a 350w Bosch S pedelec you can lose a lot of money and even your driving license as the 350w engine is classified as a motor vehicle!