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Tuning for Brose E Bike Engines

Brose electric bike engines have not been on the market for that long, but they are already being used by well-known brands such as Bulls, Flitzbike and Rotwild. That is not surprising, because Brose electric bike systems are high-quality products with outstanding characteristics. Owners of Brose electric bicycles will be pleased to hear that the Maintronic developers created a new version of the Sx2 Dongle especially for Brose mid-mounted electric bike engines (suitable for 2015 model). This approved device de-restricts Brose electric bike systems, which allows you to drive up to 30 mph with the motor power still assisting!

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Sx2 Dongle Brose
Sx2 Dongle for Brose Electric Bike engines Finally the Sx2 Dongle is available for the new Brose mi..