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I have done the installation exactly like it is shown in the instruction manual, but the switchoverpoint isn´t perceptible. Why?

The switching time of the speed sensor is affected by position and distance of the magnet. This means: The shorter the switching time, the sooner the switchoverpoint (and conversely). You should try to turn up the pedal by hand while the E Bike engine is turned off till 50 km/h and watch the speedometer. The switchoverpoint should be between 14 km/h and 24 km/h. You can influence the switchoverpoint if you slide the magnet on the spoke.
If this doesn´t help you should contact your specialist dealer or the Sx2 Dongle support.

Is there a possibility to influence the switchoverpoint?

If you move the speed sensor with the magnet into the axis direction, the switching speed will increase. If you move the speed sensor with the magnet outside to the tire direction, the switching time will be shorter (and the switching speed lower).

Can I extend the cables?

Yes, you can use a normal headphone extension with 3,5 mm stereo jack and connector. This enables you to place the Sx2 Dongle everywhere you want to on your E Bike.

The error 102 is shown – did I connect the cablekit correctly?

The error 102 can be shown because poor contacts may arise fail pulses with the Sx2 Dongle. You should check out the tightness of the Sx2 Dongle and the contacts. Turn the Dongle around for a few times.
If you want a further diagnosis insert a bare 3,5 mm stereo jack instead of the Sx2 Tuning Dongle. Now the measurement must show +5V stable between ring to ground (peak) even if you move the connections while the magnet may not stay over the speedsensor.

Can I switch off the Sx2 Dongle?

Yes, the alternative Power Switch with Bosch cablekit enables you to turn the Dongle on/off with the light switch of the HMI/Intuvia. Please note: If your E Bike does not have integrated light, the light function has to be enabled by the manufacturer or your Bike dealer.